Meet Lori Romano

President, BMC Consulting

Lori discovered her passion for professional management while completing her undergraduate studies at Champlain University. Her focus on business administration led her to pursue post-graduate degrees from some of the most highly regarded universities in Israel and the United States.

After completing her education, Lori went to work for Motorola as the Operations and Logistics Manager between Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. In this role, she was responsible for cost/risk management; lead project planning, and supervising the acquisition and distribution of digital cellular equipment. From 1999 to 2008, Lori took a leadership position in the development of strategic interventions, working to streamline and automate processes through assessments and software implementations across multiple platforms.

In 2008, Lori made the transition from the telecommunications sector to commercial and residential construction. Over the next decade, she gained more experience managing financial programs, leading cross-functional teams, and implementing large-scale technology solutions. Her education and professional background gave her the tools she needed to maximize cost-profit margins at all stages of project development.


Notable Skills

  • Trilingual (English, Spanish, and Hebrew)
  • Extensive proposal management experience
  • Insurance billing liaison
  • Industry-specific computer literacy (construction & logistics)
  • State and local regulatory training
  • Organizational office expertise
  • Effective project leadership


Over the past decade, Lori has learned that creating a growth strategy is only one piece of the business development puzzle. Using Six Sigma practices for organizational transformation, she’ll build a flexible, cross-departmental approach to promote practical change. By emphasizing balanced shifts in workplace culture, she’ll improve accountability and efficiency.



Abandoned initiatives and forgotten development practices can cost your organization – wasting both time and financial resources. As your business management consultant, my job is to help you create a sustainable strategy that you can execute over time. When I’ve done my job correctly, you’ll be positioned to dominate your industry and pursue new innovation.